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Our journey started with a strong partnership with Procore in 2019. That’s when Smoothlink came to life, and it’s been growing ever since. As we faced new challenges, we expanded our integration solutions and brought onboard dedicated customer service.

We work hand in hand with our clients, applying top-notch technology and personalized service to meet their unique needs. Our goal? To build the best relationships possible. Recent months have seen us undergoing some exciting transformations, exploring new products to simplify our customers’ daily routines.

At Smoothlink, connections are our forte, whether it’s linking systems or connecting with people. We’ve gained fantastic customers and steadfast partners, and we’re committed to their success every day.

Our values shine through every member of our team, and we believe it’s our transparent and motivated professionals who make this place truly special. We’re a capable bunch, and that determination to excel is reflected in our team’s unwavering spirit. Our driving force? The desire for results. That’s what propels us forward. That’s what makes us Smoothlink!

The Smoothlink Team with Procore’s CEO Tooey Courtemanche at Groundbreak 2023


In 2020, after revamping our integration system, we launched it to the wider market. Smoothlink swiftly became the top choice for integration solutions in Australia and the United Kingdom. We’ve also expanded our presence globally, providing swift service wherever you are.


Our mission is clear: we’re here to bring innovative, tailor-made solutions that enhance businesses and people’s lives. Our vision is to make Smoothlink a leading and innovative partner, setting the benchmark for Procore integrations.


Solution Focused

– Immediately attempting to solve a customers issue, if none is found escalating the issue and following up.

– Having a solution within 24hrs.


Ownership of an interaction, if you report a customer query and escalate it. You have the responsibility to follow up that problem. Having ownership of your position, comprehensive knowledge of what is happening within your field.



– Accommodating the clients needs, such as conducting meetings outside of regular working hours.

– We are flexible with time management, if we need time off for appointments or events we are able to accommodate.


– Responding to a clients question within 30 minutes.

– Phone Calls 1st, Email 2nd. Aim to resolve the customers query as quickly as possible.

– Fast and accurate response to the needs and inquiries of your team.


Communicating openly with the team. Adapting to a clients communication style. Do they prefer face to face or phone calls? Do they prefer relaxed chit-chat or straight to the point?

– Build Rapport, communicate to the customer that they are a priority. Turn up early to meetings, turn on camera, make everyday conversation with them, ect.

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Evolutionary Connection We are a team of experienced and adaptable individuals, dedicated to infusing fun into the workplace. Being with us is never dull – we are constantly innovating and sharing laughter!





Our Team

Join us in embracing the future of seamless connectivity and transform the way you work with Smoothlink

Smoothlink is more than just a connectivity provider; we are your trusted partner on the journey towards digital transformation.

Our team prioritises reliability, security, and seamless integration to support your business success. Unlock the full potential of your connectivity infrastructure with Smoothlink’s strategic partnerships and experience the power of integrated solutions with ProScan+ and Cost Plus.