Advanced Payments & Recoveries made easy

Smoothlink Advanced Payments empowers Procore invoicing to manage FIDIC and other international contract standards.
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Advanced Payments

Industry Leading Solution For Procore And Advanced Payments

As a seamless bolt on that can be accessed through Procore embedded apps, Smoothlink Advanced Payments will allow you to manage Advance Payment applications, Automate advance payment recoveries/amortisation and then create as many deductions/bonuses as required on an application.

With a seamless integration with Procore, your budget will automatically get updated with Advance Payments and recovery costs, whilst your contracts will accurately reflect work complete and paid amount. If you are managing contracts in Procore that require Advance payments, advance payment recoveries or deductions like liquidated damages, then Smoothlink Advance Payments is the tool to automate these processes whilst complementing Procore financial modules.

Quick & Easy Setup

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Data Unification

Seamlessly ensure the unification of your data across Procore and your platform of accounting.

What Are The Benefits  Of  The  Advanced Payments Tool?

  • Allows Procore Financials to manage advance payment applications;
  • Automates advance payment recovery & other deductions/bonuses on payment applications;
  • Seamlessly updates Procore contracts & budgets with advance payment and recovery amounts.

About Smoothlink

Smoothlink is an established solution-based company, specialising in accounting and construction software integrations. Smoothlink has collaborated with the construction industry and with the Procore business development team to refine and deliver an exceptional service to our clients.

The Smoothlink Integration products and service have grown from strength to strength now supporting 500+ Procore clients worldwide. Smoothlink has quickly become well known for its reliable integrations, competitive pricing and innovation.


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