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The ultimate procore & xero integration

Smoothlink is a powerful all-in-one solution for your business that connects Procore and Xero with a smooth and efficient integration.

Planning to move to Smoothlink from another integration provider?

Moving from other integration providers is easier and less painful than you may think.



Our solution is the only integration officially certified by Procore and Xero.


Seamlessly ensure the unification of your data across Procore and Xero.


The integration offers a wide range of settings allowing it to suit your business needs.

Supported Regions

The integration currently support Australia, New Zealand, EMEA, Canada and the United States.

We are Certified Partners of

Xero Certified
Xero Certified

Clean & user friendly interface

In a world where everything demands your attention you don’t want to be trying to navigate something that is outdated and over complicated. At Smoothlink we are all about keeping it simple and our user interface is the perfect example.

Quick & easy configuration

Getting started can be quite daunting and overwhelming. With this in mind we focused on keeping our onboarding  as simple as possible and you can be operational in less than 30 minutes.

Worldwide 24/7 assistance

We are here when you need us, just a phone call or email away! Smoothlink’s proven customer support is one of the many things that our clients love about us. Based in Australia, our team is available to help customers who need assistance anywhere in the world.

Why our Procore & Xero integration is the best solution for your company?

We’re really proud that people love using Smoothlink. Companies all over the world depend on Smoothlink’s integration between Procore and Xero and enjoy the ease and smooth integration we provide.

As always, we continue to make Smoothlink even better based on our client’s feedback. It’s this feedback that has allowed us to develop a product that truly leading the market. As we continue to add features throughout each year, we look forward to making it even easier and smoother for you to run your business.

As a well established integration solution we still get some questions from time to time about what makes us different? We have compiled below the most common questions and answers that we receive for you to understand us and our service better.

How established is Smoothlink’s integration?
Almost 2 years!

Smoothlink’s Integration was first built for a large Procore client in April of 2019 as a custom solution. Our integration performed at such a high level it quickly progressed into becoming a commercial product to support Procore’s clients.

We rebuilt the integration in July of 2020 and took it to the open market where Smoothlink quickly established itself as the preferred integration solution in both Australia and the UK.

Does Smoothlink’s integration do everything its competition can do?

Yes, and more!

Sometimes the terminology and jargon others providers use can be confusing but simply put our integration does everything our competition does they just may word it differently to us.

As our integration expands with custom add-ons that clients request our integration has quickly move ahead and leads the market.

What makes Smoothlink different to its competition?

There are so many things that make us different! But if we had to point out a few that we hear from our clients who come from other providers along with our new customers who look into other options before coming to us are:


  • We are a Xero Certified Partner
  • We are very friendly and easy to get along with
  • We are fast to respond and have great customer service
  • We are solution driven and always look for a way to meet ours clients needs
  • Our pricing is very attractive in comparison
  • Our tech support team is second to none! They are fast to respond, highly skilled and solution focused always finding a solution to any challenge
  • The Smoothlink onboarding is streamlined, super fast and uncomplicated (can be all done in less than 30 minutes)
  • Our integration dashboard (which can be seen on the Procore marketplace) is clean, fresh and simple to use
  • We have many other value add features in the Australian, UK and US markets
  • Our training videos are well laid out and easy to follow
  • Our integration is extremely fast
  • We have 24 hours support and service
Is Smoothlink’s integration more cost effective?
Simply put YES!
With our price structure and extra features alone Smoothlink is head and shoulders above the rest.  But it’s really the efficiency of our product and the customer service that is by far our biggest strength and is why we are the preferred Procore and Xero integration provider.
What countries or regions does Smoothlink cover?
Currently our service covers Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States and in this our team is set up to support all countries and time zones.
With this said there really isn’t anywhere we don’t cover. If there is Procore and Xero then we are there to support you!
Is Smoothlink a certified partner of Procore and Xero?
In fact we are a Procore preferred partner. We are not only a Procore certified partner but we are a certified Xero partner.
Does Smoothlink price match?
We are always happy to look at any pricing that you have been given and ensure that we meet your needs.  Just contact us here to discuss it with us.
What do we need to do to get started with Smoothlink?
Just complete our client intake form here. We will then send you an invoice and arrange for your onboarding video call where we will complete your mapping and sync’s which usually takes about 30min.
Prior to the meeting we will send you some tips on what will make the process easiest and also your login details to your integration dashboard.
That’s it! After the onboarding you can just simply use Procore and Xero as you normally would.
How long does it take to complete the onboarding of Smoothlink’s integration?
30 minutes!

What! Did you say 30minutes? Yes, once your invoice is paid we will arrange a video hook up with you and complete the onboarding with you which takes about 30 minutes.

We have heard this process taking weeks with other suppliers and we wanted to make sure our clients had the best experience possible, totally eliminating all that wasted time and money.

Where is Smoothlink located?
We are based in Australia with our head office on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  We also have a presence in Melbourne and France.
What support does Smoothlink offer?
With us covering Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States our tech team is always available to support your needs.
All support request will get a response within hours not days or weeks. As mentioned our support and service is one of our biggest assets and we intend to keep it this way for you.
Other support we offer is customisability of our integration. If there’s a feature or solution you are looking for that we are not currently offering, simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

How do we compare to other providers?

Procore data to Xero (onboarding)

Xero data to Procore (onboarding)

Procore data to Xero (ongoing sync)

Xero data to Procore (ongoing sync)

Scheduled Data Sync

Integration Service Features

* Prime Contract (USA/CAN) – Main Contract (UK)  | Information is valid as of February 2021

“The key to our success with the Procore & Xero integration was Smoothlink’s ability to work with our vision. They not only understood our requirements fully but executed their part seamlessly. They worked diligently, and communication with our team was extremely professional.”

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