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Zoho Plus is the integration that sits in between your Procore and Zoho Books accounts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the integration support Procore's Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Functionality?

Yes! Zoho Plus supports Procore’s Work Breakdown Structure, you can use it as per normal and the integration will automatically reconcile information as per needed.

Can I edit a sync Procore Progress Claim?

You are able to edit a Procore Progress Claim as many times as you need to until a payment has been made inside Zoho for this progress claim.

Do I need to press a button to sync data to Zoho and vice versa?

No user interaction is required once the on-boarding process has been completed.

The integration will automatically update data in both systems.

Does the integration handle attachment(s)?

Yes, the integration will handle any invoice attachment from both system.

Does the integration handle multiple Zoho Payments?

Yes, the integration will handle multiple payments on any Zoho invoice/bill.

Does the integration handle retention and/or retainage?

Yes, the integration will handle any retention and/or retainage present on your Procore Progress Claims (Head Contract/Prime Contract & Commitment).

How are taxes calculated?

Zoho will handle the tax for each line item according to the mapped Account Code.

How are taxes handled with Procore Payments?

When a Zoho Payment is send to Procore, taxes will get removed from the Procore Payment.

Note: we can disable this feature if you wish to reflect taxes on Procore Payments.

I can’t find an invoice in Zoho

As a general rule, a syncronised invoice will always be found inside the Bills or Invoices tab in the corresponding Zoho section (Sales or Purchases).

Feel free to contact us if you believe an invoice is not syncing properly.

Which Contact fields are syncing between Procore & Zoho?

The following information are synced between a Procore Vendor and a Zoho Customer/Vendor:
– Company Name
– Website

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