Sunstruct modernising their construction industry software

Sunstruct modernising their Construction industry software.

The Challenge

The team at Sunstruct identified the need to update their construction management tools and after exploring several options landed on Procore as the best suited package to meet their requirements.

With change comes challenges and Lorenzo and the team realised the best way forward for their admin team was an integration between Procore and their preferred accounting package Xero, enabling the business to save both time and money by stopping data double entry, reducing manual errors and enabling comparable reporting between the two systems.

The Solution

After some research and assistance from the Procore team, Sunstruct reached out to Glen and the team at Smoothlink to bridge the gap. Smoothlink’s integration was initially custom built as a solution for a large Queensland construction company who in the past had struggled to find the right integration fit for their growing business, comparable to where Sunstruct now found the business themselves.

The Smoothlink integration allows a live two-way synchronisation of all financials between the two platforms, along with Contacts, Cost Codes, and Cost Types. Financial synchronisation includes attachments and proactively reduces human error.

The Results

A proactive onboarding process with Smoothlink, including a setup and mapping meeting allowed Sunstruct to quickly bring both Procore and Xero implementation together with minimal disruption to day to day operational requirements of the business.

“Without Smoothlink’s integration between Procore and Xero we would have not adopted Procore.” Lorenzo Reginato, Director

With innovation as the driving force of Smoothlink, their integration has become a key solution for Sunstruct bridging the gap between Procore and Xero. The accuracy of financial data is critical to any business and the information unification between Procore and Xero, covering Head Contract & Commitment Progress Claims along with Direct Costs ensures real time financial reporting for all projects.

Sunstruct Q&A

Who is Sunstruct and what type of construction do you do?

Sunstruct is a Project management company local to the Sunshine Coast Queensland specialising in Low to medium rise commercial projects.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face in the construction industry as a growing company?

Managing actual costs against estimates and budgets in a time critical manner to ensure profitablilty.

Why did you choose Procore?

Procore offered a full suite of Project and Construction Management services. Initially we investigated Procore for tracking defects.

How has using Smoothlink’s Xero integration helped?

Without Smoothlink’s integration between Procore and Xero we would have not adopted Procore.

Why do you think it is that Smoothlink has been able to achieve this?

Access to the Smoothlink onboarding and support team, accurate communication and planning confirming we made the correct decision with them

What would you say are 2-3 key things that you rely on Smoothlink for to run your business?

Integrated accounting process, admin, payroll and live data/realtime information for reporting. Being able to sync data between Procore and Xero has enabled our team to get the full advantage of cloud based software letting us continue to work even if onsite or remote.

Sunstruct is a company dedicated to delivering this valuable service that takes responsibility for all aspects of a construction project. Ours is a tight team of experts, each displaying similar professional and scrupulously ethical attitudes, and we orchestrate their skills for optimum results.


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