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Below is an example of how to generate a claim using some of the ProScan+ tool features.

Industry Leading Solution For Procore And ProScan+

Experience effortless invoice management with Smoothlink’s ProScan+ software. Our innovative solution leverages OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to seamlessly scan and import invoices directly into Procore. Say goodbye to manual data entry and tedious paperwork, as ProScan+ automates the invoice processing workflow, saving you time and reducing errors. With ProScan+, you can easily track and manage your invoices within Procore, improving accuracy, streamlining financial processes, and boosting productivity. Simplify your invoice management with Smoothlink’s ProScan+ software and unlock a new level of efficiency in your construction projects.

Quick & Easy Setup

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Customise your integration to suit your business needs.

Data Unification

Seamlessly ensure the unification of your data across Procore and MYOB.

What Are The Benefits  Of  The ProScan+ Tool?

  • Reduce admin anxiety, reduce errors and save money all while freeing up time
  • Automatically scan in invoices to Procore to new or existing contracts & direct costs
  • Increase productivity and give you a real-time view of your invoices
  • Simple to use yet powerful user friendly dashboard interface
  • Scan using your phone, email or drag and drop on the web
  • Extract Progress Claim/Invoice information and automatically populate into Procore
  • Easily reconcile any missing information with the direct link to your Procore Account

About Smoothlink

Smoothlink is an established solution-based platform, specialising in accounting and construction software integration. Smoothlink developed the Procore & Myob integration after continued requests from a large Procore client seeking a solution that not only met their business requirements but also their budget needs.

Since then, Smoothlink has collaborated with the construction industry and with the Procore business development team to refine and deliver an exceptional service to their clients. The Smoothlink Integration product and service has grown from strength to strength supporting many Procore clients in the same way and quickly has become well known for its competitive pricing and continued innovation.


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