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Smoothlink specializes in integration solutions for Procore users, streamlining accounting, optimizing financial management and enhancing operational efficiency.


Experience effortless invoice management with Smoothlinks ProScan+ software. Our innovative solutions leverages OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to seamlessly scan and import your invoices directly into Procore. Say goodbye to manual data entry and tedious paperwork, as ProScan+ automates the invoicing processing workflow for you.


Cost Control And Financial Management.


Softwares That Smoothlink Connectors To Procore.

Smoothlink specialises in financial integration solutions for Procore users, streamlining accounting, optimising financial management, and enhancing operational efficiency.


Smoothlinks Extractus simplifies the process of extracting your Action Plans and additional data from Procore and  supplying the data directly to your clients. If you require the importation of data from a third-party software into Procore, Extractus seamlessly handles that as well.

Advanced Payments

Empower Procore Invoicing To Manage FIDIC and Other International Contract Standards.

Software we connect

Connect Procore and Your Accounting Software

Loving the Smoothlink Xero integration.Saves time and streamlines everything.Our business is very happy with the customer support we have received.

— Insight Electrical Technology

Smoothlink has been wonderful for our workflow, seamlessly connecting Procore and Xero. It streamlines our financial and project management processes, saving us time and reducing errors. Their support team is excellent and very responsive in resolving issues.

— Performance Building

“The Integration was seamless with multiple entities connecting Xero to Procore. The support received has been flawless, having a complex system Smoothlink has been able to meet all our needs and more. Smoothlink is a wonderful procuct, and the ongoing technical assistance received form Yana has been exceptional.”

— Terrie Spence

Global Teams & 24/7 Support

With over 560 Procore connections, let our local team support your region.


How established is Smoothlink’s integration?

Over 4 years!

Smoothlink’s first integration was first built for a large Procore client in April of 2019 as a custom solution. Our integration performed at such a high level it quickly progressed into becoming a commercial product to support Procore’s clients.

We rebuilt the integration in July of 2020 and took it to the open market where Smoothlink quickly established itself as the preferred integration solution in both Australia and the UK.

Does Smoothlink’s integration do everything its competition can do?

Yes, and more!

Sometimes the terminology and jargon others providers use can be confusing but simply put our integrations do everything our competition does they just may word it differently to us.

As our integrations expands with custom add-ons that our clients request our integrations have quickly moved ahead and are now leading the market.

What makes Smoothlink different to its competition?

There are so many things that make us different! But if we had to point out a few that we hear from our clients who come from other providers along with our new customers who look into other options before coming to us are:

  • We are very friendly and easy to get along with
  • We are fast to respond and have great customer service
  • We are solution driven and always look for a way to meet our clients’ needs
  • Our pricing is very attractive in comparison
  • Our tech support team is second to none! They are fast to respond, highly skilled and solution focused always finding a solution to any challenge
  • The Smoothlink onboarding is streamlined, super fast and uncomplicated (can be all done in less than 30 minutes)
  • Our integration dashboard (which can be seen on the Procore marketplace) is clean, fresh and simple to use
  • We have many other value add features in the Australian, UK and US markets
  • Our training videos are well laid out and easy to follow
  • Our integrations are extremely fast
  • We have 24 hours support and service
Is Smoothlink’s integration more cost effective?
Simply put YES!
With our price structure and extra features alone Smoothlink is head and shoulders above the rest.  But it’s really the efficiency of our products and the customer service that is by far our biggest strength and is why we are the leading construction and financial integration provider. 
How long does it take to complete the onboarding of Smoothlink’s integration?

30 minutes!

What! Did you say 30minutes? Yes, once your invoice is paid we will arrange a video hook up with you and complete the onboarding with you which takes about 30 minutes.

We have heard of this process taking weeks with other suppliers and we wanted to make sure our clients had the best experience possible, totally eliminating all that wasted time and money.