Reduce Your Complex Billing From Hours To Minutes Inside Procore
The Cost Plus solution by Smoothlink sits in the Prokit Plus toolbox to help support Procore clients. This will assist you running your projects with ease while updating and sending out your cost plus invoicing in a few simple clicks.
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Industry Leading Solution For Procore And Cost Plus

Unlock precise cost control and effortless financial management with Smoothlink’s Cost Plus software designed to seamlessly integrate with Procore. Our powerful solution empowers construction professionals to accurately track and manage project costs, ensuring transparency and control at every stage. With Smoothlink’s Cost Plus software, you can streamline budgeting, cost estimation, and invoicing processes, while eliminating manual errors and reducing administrative burdens. Take your financial management to the next level with Smoothlink’s seamless integration of Cost Plus software and Procore, and experience enhanced project profitability and efficiency.

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Data Unification

Seamlessly ensure the unification of your data across Procore and Coast Plus.

What Are The Benefits Of The

Cost Plus Tool?

  • Automate margin at a cost code level (globally or per project)
  • Easily reconcile which costs have been included in the Prime Contract Progress Claim and which have not, without using time consuming spreadsheets
  • Costs that are entered late will not be confused with what has been already on-charged to your client, allowing you to make sure that at the end of the project all costs have been charged to your client
  • Run end of the month reports with all costs broken down by date, cost code and supplier with the amount incurred and the invoices attached
  • Allow your clients to access their monthly claims through the dashboard, and quickly access all the required information while being able to control what they see
  • Customise your reporting to your client by creating templates with your own company logo and content
  • Exports are automated with a click of a button and are in order of date, cost code and supplier. They show the Tax invoice with a breakdown of every costs (Direct Cost and Commitment Progress Claim) and all physical invoices of the costs in the same order of the breakdown


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