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Welcome to Smoothlink, the trusted connectivity partner for businesses in the digital age. As a 100% Procore partner, we specialise in seamless integration with Procore’s construction management platform. Smoothlink was born out of the need to provide a comprehensive solution to the construction industry. Our purpose-built software optimises your construction project management experience. 


4 years+ making connections

Smoothlink was born out of the need to provide a comprehensive solution to the construction industry. Through close collaboration with the construction industry and the Procore business development team, we refined the Procore & MYOB integration, creating a seamless bridge between construction management and accounting software. This solution quickly gained recognition for its competitive pricing and continued innovation, establishing Smoothlink as a trusted name in the industry. 


Our strategic partnerships with Procore and renowned accounting software providers enable us to offer a comprehensive ecosystem that optimises your workflow, enhances collaboration, and drives productivity. By seamlessly integrating our networking solutions with Procore and your choice of accounting software—whether it’s QuickBooks Online, Xero, MYOB, or Zoho—we create a powerful synergy that simplifies your operations and amplifies your success.


Invoice Scanning

ProScan+ utilises advanced OCR technology to accurately extract text from invoices, saving you time and resources while minimising manual errors. Its intelligent data extraction capabilities automatically identify key information, enabling effortless organisation and categorisation of data.

Cost control and financial management

Cost Plus, seamlessly integrated with your accounting software, streamlines project cost tracking and financial reporting. Efficiently monitor expenses, manage budgets, and generate accurate financial reports to drive profitability.

Coast Plus

Smoothlink is more than just a connectivity provider; we are your trusted partner on the journey towards digital transformation. Our team prioritises reliability, security, and seamless integration to support your business success. Unlock the full potential of your connectivity infrastructure with Smoothlink’s strategic partnerships and experience the power of integrated solutions with ProScan+ and Cost Plus.

Join us in embracing the future of seamless connectivity and transform the way you work with Smoothlink. 

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